Thistle and Gristle

Why 2022 is, for me, the Year of BabaYagaCore

An elderly crone, Baba Yaga, wears a head kerchief, a floral apron and a shirt with leaves on it. She smiles; she is out in her garden, caressing two jars with people’s surprised heads in them. The text under the image says “Keep your friends close and your enemies in a jar”.
Art from Baba Yaga’s Little Book of Hut Maintenance
Photo of an older woman in a head kerchief holding a large ginger tabby and giving the camera the middle finger with a scowl. Text over the image says “an actual picture of me in the future”
5 photos of a fat white woman in various outfits, usually with multiple necklaces, layers of sweaters or jackets, a head kerchief or a wide headband, and glasses — she holds her phone up to take a mirror selfie.
#BabaYagaCore, as envisioned by me



Professional Bleeding Heart. Sick & Tired. Patronize me: Image by @mayakern

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