Oh I totally agree- I know flour and sugar isn’t good for me, hence why I don’t eat very much of either (or red meat, incidentally). But the way she talked about it was fixated on “pulverization”- I challenged her on that a few times because it makes absolutely no logical sense, but she seemed pretty committed to that being the reason.

That said- I am not struggling with depression. I struggle with anxiety, which some folks believe to be the same thing just the other side of the coin, granted, but the meds I’m on balance that decently well. I am far more concerned with her insistence that I must want to be thin, having been someone who has regularly abused my body by overexercise and overly controlled eating… which absolutely fucked with my mental health, even as I was being hospitalized and doctors were complimenting my weight loss. I do my best to eat healthily and to be active, but diet culture is a form of self harm for me, and for many fat folks. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2015/03/diets_do_not_work_the_thin_evidence_that_losing_weight_makes_you_healthier.html

I believe strongly she struggles with her own body, and was projecting some of that at me. This is supported by her insistance that this one diet was the Way, and also with her defensiveness when i said no, I wasn’t here to lose weight, I was here to work on my mental health. I have a GP who believes in HAES, and we’ve discussed nutrition and exercise a lot, and I am regularly checked out. I am healthy, healthier than most of the people they see. I just also happen to be fat. It does happen. You just have to keep an eye on it. http://qz.com/550527/obesity-paradox-scientists-now-think-that-being-overweight-is-sometimes-good-for-your-health/

So thanks for the “concern”, but I’ve read the data, and I take care of my body. :)

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Professional Bleeding Heart. Sick & Tired. Patronize me: http://t.co/RSd5cSVGE5 Image by @mayakern

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