Juggalos Come Together to Help Hurricane Victims

There’s a lot of buzz in the media right now about Juggalos, the clown-painted fans of Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and other “wicked clown” affiliated artists. Much of the media fervor is focused on the Juggalo March on Washington, happening September 16th, to protest being designated gang members for liking a type of music. The gang designation, while dropped by the FBI, has continued to have real life impact on people who may have a hatchetman sticker on their car (it can be considered probably cause for a search, for example) or an ICP tattoo from when they were a teen (such a tattoo now means, if convicted of a crime, you face time tacked on for being a gang member).

But Juggalos are also coming together, not just to help fellow Juggalos, but victims of Hurricane Harvey. Two well known Juggalo communities, popular forum Faygoluvers and charity initiative Scrub Care Unit, are joining forces to raise funds, donations, and awareness for those struggling in the wake of the category 4 hurricane.

“The outreach to those affected is important on the very basic human level. These people are just like ‘Juggalos’, who strive for the same things we do — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — and it’s all been taken away due to the storm,” said John Shaw, Vice President of Scrub Care Unit. He’s a Desert Storm era veteran of the United States Air Force — and a Juggalo for 19 years. “We are humans who need to help each other with the common goal of a greater good for all.”

Scrub Care Unit has been doing this work all along, so the hurricane relief effort is just another example. At Gathering of the Juggalos, the annual festival put on by ICP, Scrub Care Unit has provided free food, water, clothing, and medical supplies for many years. They help deliver bikes to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them, and feed families at Thanksgiving who would otherwise go without. Scrub Care Unit has done more individual outreach as well, offering up Wal-mart cards to help out those who need some food while waiting for payday.

That’s just a small sample — so why is the media so quiet on the ways Juggalos have stepped up to take care of those living in poverty?

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“I can’t blame the media for it,” said Scottie D, the Dallas, Texas based CEO of Faygoluvers — he’s been “down with the clown” since 1996. “It’s absolutely because we don’t go around advertising it. Only Juggalos know about the Scrub Care Unit, because we don’t tell anyone other than Juggalos about it. Psychopathic is the same way. They do canned food drives in exchange for entry to shows, hand out turkeys to the poor at Thanksgiving, sell CDs where 100% profit goes to charity, parts of their Psychopathic auctions at the Gathering every year goes to charity, etc.”

So why did Scrub Care Unit and Faygoluvers decide to bring Juggalos together to support Hurricane Harvey victims?

“This outreach isn’t just important to me as a Juggalo, it’s important to me as a human being. I’ve got no motives other than to help those in need, and let people know how they can contribute,” replied Scottie D. “Word has spread thanks to the hustle of Faygoluvers and the Scrub Care Unit and it’s caught the attention of the Insane Clown Posse, Majik Ninja Entertainment, and various Juggalo-related groups who have shared the info with their followers on how they can help.”

John agreed. “Look outside of your immediate bubble and help change the world for the better. One ripple in the pond can make a wave on the other side.”

The two plan to split donations evenly between already existing relief efforts and the purchasing of bottled water and items for children that may have been destroyed. People interested in lending a hand can visit Paypal.me/ScrubCareUnit and give a donation (be sure to deselect the checkbox for “Goods and services” so there are no fees taken out).

What would these Juggalos like to say to those just now learning about the subculture for the first time?

“I would like people to understand Juggalos are their fellow human beings,” was John’s response. “We do not strive to cause chaos and destruction in the world — we are everyday normal people with a different taste in music.”

“As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Juggalos are your nurses, computer techs, wait staff, neighbors, teachers, etc,” agreed Scottie D. ”Just because you think our music and clothing is eccentric doesn’t mean that we should be looked down upon, or considered a gang. Come to a Juggalo show and not only will you have a great time, but you’ll see the bond that sets our scene apart from anyone else’s.”

Learn more about Scrub Care Unit and Faygoluver’s relief efforts here.



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