Gentle Suggestions For Times of Crisis

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In times of crisis, we are stressed, anxious, panicked. It can feel like the floor is falling out from under us. Often, it is. We may feel helpless. It can be tempting to give into the desire to do things to maintain some kind of normalcy or control.

It’s awesome to volunteer, to donate time, to be present for others! It’s not only good for the self but for the community!

It’s also extremely important to check in with yourself. How are you doing? What are you feeling? Grounding yourself, through prayer, through ritual, through meditation, through physical activity, through journaling — this is very important for your emotional well being.

Also, check in with your body! Have you eaten? Are you hydrated? Have you taken your meds? Showered today? Slept enough? It can feel all too easy to run on empty when your mind is racing and your body is in a state of anxiety.

Be aware of the boundaries you need.

It’s OK to have boundaries! It will also help make what you can do sustainable. It can be easy to burn out when you’re in the middle of a crisis, and you may not know until it’s difficult to pull yourself back. It’ll also help you to not overcommit, which is vital. It’s better to do less, consistently, than to do too much and then be off the board.

That said, if you find yourself overwhelmed? Pull back. Get your feet under you. Breathe. You can always step back in to help.

Remember to put on your oxygen mask first. This is important.

Remember that the point of putting on your oxygen mask first is so you can help others. This is also important.

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