Tis the season where people talk about giving and charity and helping the less fortunate. It’s something that’s very close to my heart, as mutual aid is something I consider vital to survival. A lot of my day to day life is spent offering resources and guidance to people who have very few resources available to them.

This month I’m going to be sitting down with a couple different people to chat about how to be accountable and graceful when being called out. It’s something that I’m offering to marginalized people looking for guidance for free. I can only do that, though, when I have the emotional energy and the time thanks to my Patreon subscribers.

Since publishing “Ask”, I have really struggled to find places to pitch about consent culture. Pitching is how I supplement my income, something I need more than ever since leaving an abusive household (tripling my rent). But people want to read detailed accounts of abuse, not solutions on how to make things better. It’s depressing work, and heartbreaking. And considering the requests for help I get in my inbox, the work I’m doing is necessary… just, no one wants to pay for it.

I know that money is tight for everyone. It’s really tough out there. At the same time, I know that the services I’m being asked for are sorely needed. Can you put down $5 a month to help me do that for people who need it? Maybe $20 a month (just $5 a week!) so I can continue to serve as a street medic at protests and re-up my supplies?

For the cost of a pint of beer, I can really make a difference and not burn out entirely. I need you so I can be the most use to my community. Please share this, offer what you can, and help me help others. Community work is not self-sustaining!

Link to my Patreon here.

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Professional Bleeding Heart. Sick & Tired. Patronize me: http://t.co/RSd5cSVGE5 Image by @mayakern

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